Lean Material Management


  Turning Data into Information

Because you can't manage what you don't measure!


Lean Material Management for the Auto Body Industry

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Tools for Auto Body Shops and PBE Distributors (jobbers) . . .  turning data into information.    Please check out our  "Cool Tools" Episode on You Tube

We provide the Best Paint & Material management tools for the Auto Body Industry!

We provide tools (reports) to body shops, paint reps and jobbers analyzing Paint & Material usage.

  • Does your Body Shop have depressed Paint & Material Margins?
  • Are you unsure what your Paint & Material margin really is?
  • Are you looking for a more concise (and easier) way to create accurate General Ledger entries?
  • Do you want KPI's and tools to better help manage your Paint & Material margins?
  • Do you want to make more money on Paint & Materials? (or help your clients make better money)

Our reports have evolved in to two primary delivered values:

1) Break down of all purchases (from Jobber / paint supplier) for better accounting and posting to General Ledger

2) Comparative analysis of Paint & Material usage at Body Shops

  • Tiered multiple views for
    • Owner Snapshot or overview
    • Production or supervisory overview
    • Detailed usage as related to procedures in the repair process
  • Real World Comparisons to peer groups
    • MSO
    • 20-Groups
    • Geographic Regions (most often with jobber support)

What we don’t do! Compare: Prices, Discounts, Brands, Paint Lines,  or Jobbers

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