Lean Material Management


  Turning Data into Information

Because you can't manage what you don't measure!


Lean Material Management for the Auto Body Industry

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Tools for Auto Body Shops and PBE Distributors . . .  turning data into information. 

We provide the Best Paint & Material management tools for the Auto Body Industry!

Lean Material Management

You can't manage what you don't measure.  Breaking Body Shop materials into smaller bite size pieces makes for easier management. Tying those pieces to specific processes and personnel bring material management to a level that everyone on your staff can identify with.

Our reports are the simplest way for Body Shops to have a comparative measure of P&M (Paint & Material) profits with the goals of reduced waste and improved profits. With only four shop inputs and one file from the P&M jobber we supply the reports to help run a Lean, Productive and Environment Friendly Auto Body Paint Shop!

While senior management needs to measure the bigger picture, department level supervisors need information specific to their processes. We carry this process down to the part number level with the technicians.  There are by-products to Lean Material Management, such as a Greener Shop and a Safer Work Environment.  We work to enhance and supplement Lean Production Initiatives offered by paint manufacturers and others.

Here is a sample of a chart from Version 4.0 of our standard LM2 report. 

S.O.P.s The Foundation (Go to 5S info)

Modify existing and create new SOPs, (Standard Operating Procedures) for in house procedures such as material handling, inventory control, internal and component use. Provide full implementation and training to support and reinforce SOPs.

An SOP is a written document or instruction detailing all steps and activities of a process or procedure. ISO 22000 essentially requires the documentation of all procedures used in any manufacturing process that could affect the quality of the product.

K.P.I.s  The Report Card

Create sales tools to enable sales staff to help analyze customer product performance and benchmarking. Provide continuing development and training on these programs and tools.

Create tools and reports to achieve best practices and best performance of inventory. P&M gross profit, GMROI, and other benchmark numbers to help manage materials and reduce wastes.

Simply stated you can't manage what you don't measure. Accessible timely actionable reports are critical to both management and staff in order to best manage results and make corrections where needed.

"You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure"

See our Six Steps to a Leaner Greener Shop

You can't manage what you don't measure!

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The Role of the Jobber/Distributor

Shops are looking for more from the jobber than just a quality paint product. That means in order to be successful, the jobber now must become extremely knowledgeable about collision repair - the repair process itself, insurance company relations, customer satisfaction, quality control, SOPs, KPIs and Lean Material Management.

J. Hunter & Associates currently works with dozens of P.B.E. Jobbers across the country, from Oregon to Florida, from Texas to Minnesota. Our reports are compatible with most all jobber computer systems (Comcept, Pangaea, Perfection, WDS-II, QB etc.).  

Why use our Lean Material Management Team?

We work for the Shops. Not a material manufacturers. Our agenda is not to sell more paint or other products. Our agenda is to help our clients be more profitable, appreciate the value we bring and tell their friends about the benefits of our services. Our growth is by word of mouth.

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