Lean Material Management


  Turning Data into Information

Because you can't manage what you don't measure!


Lean Material Management for the Auto Body Industry


These tools available for quick calculations. They are designed as general and generic. More precise calculations can be done on-site where regional differences and well as differences in product mix, and facility can be taken into account. Our calculators are for your use no data is captured stored in any way you can input different numbers or variables, you can print your results as you see fit.

  • Most of our tools are formatted to fit on Smart Phones and require no downloads.

I-CAR Training Pays

What if your sales mix changed
Input a Three Basic Numbers and see the effect that training can have on Shop Performance
I-CAR Value of Training Calculator

RO Sales Mix Calculator (What If)

  • What if your sales mix changed
    Input a few Basic Numbers and change either your sales mix or your GP% by category.
    RO Sales Mix Calculator

    Using Too Much Clear?

    • Clear Usage Calculator
      Input a few Basic Numbers
      Our Calculations are based on using high solids clear coats (approximately 38% solids).
    • Try Our Clear Usage Calculator

    How much sales volume can a shop generate?

    Gross Profit Calculations

    Cycle Time Calculators