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Because you can't manage what you don't measure!


Lean Material Management for the Auto Body Industry

Why not use our Lean Material Management Team?

We work for the Shop. Not a material manufacturer. Our agenda is Not to sell more paint or other products. Our agenda is to help our clients be more profitable, appreciate the value we bring and tell the friends. Our growth is by word of mouth.




Our client base has grown, we now have clients most all states.





Articles about  Lean Material Management

People we work with say:

Jim,  I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your quality and comprehensive programs. Your work ethics and follow through are a rare find in today’s business world. As always we will be pleased to continue to recommend you and your company. Neil C. Schneider, Cole Taylor Marketing, Inc.

We have had fantastic results with the reports and lean material management services provided by J. Hunter and Associates. J.  Hunter & Associates merges today's data systems together with an experienced and practical knowledge of the way collision centers work. The tools and reports that our customers get are just outstanding. The J. Hunter & Associates web site says that you can't manage what you can't measure. That says it all. I highly recommend Hunter for enhancing some of the most important aspects of keeping solid relationships with today's Collision Centers. Glenn Martin, Martin Auto Color, Inc.

"Computer generated reports so easy to understand and follow, are in my professional opinion, one of the strengths of Mr. Jim Compton. It is so easy to understand the  basic changes one has to do in order to make any business much more effective in the process of making and saving money!" Jorge Rivera Senior Operations Manger, Single Source Inc., California

Although our industry is numbers driven today most in this industry either don't understand the numbers or just can't get them to make their jobs better. J Hunter & Associates not only understands the numbers they make it very easy for the industry to produce them and measure improvement off of them. Russ Smith, Sales Manager, Metro Paint Supply

I have known Jim Compton for 17 years. He has innovated ideas and is tenacious in implementing them. Jim is always available to answer questions or augment your ideas. Jim Compton would be an asset to any organization. Chuck Benesch, Annex Industrial, SSPC PC # 456-302558, Trustee NACE Channel Islands

Your reports make maintaining the program  and communication between management and the technician easy. The industry needed such a quality KPI tool. Thank you for what you are doing. Keep up the good work.  Jimmy Lefler, Leflers Collision

More Feedback from Our Clients:

"will join and use to get our paint materials in line"
"No brainer for the minimal cost. Look forward to using this tool to increase profits"
"Great program - highly recommend it"
"cant fix what you don’t measure"
"Thank you for your excellent customer service"
"Great tool. I'm hoping to take advantage of this product"
"Info in graph form as a visual is nice. Presentation was nice!"

About Our Team Approach

The Lean Material Management team is a collaboration between: Shop Management, Production Staff, Local Distributor Service Personnel and a LM2 business consultant.

The Team Structure: Minimum one each:

  • Shop Management Member with authority to make minor low cost changes.
  • Paint Shop lead person, preferably the lead painter.
  • Production Manager (If applicable).
  • Jobber/ Distributor Representative.
  • Lean Material Management Team Leader (Can be one of the above, generally this is the Jobber Rep.

Jim Compton General Manager and Lead Business Consultant

With over thirty years of experience Jim brings a well-rounded wealth of tools from internal and external customer sales to multi-location management:

  • Responsible for multiple store operations with up to 13 locations and over $25 million in annual sales, answering directly to President and Board of Directors.
  • Developed and delivered innovative and effective sales programs and tools with staff and manufacturers/vendors.
  • Consult with clients and prospective customers to implement solutions based relationships.
  • Manage and oversee company computer systems, databases, data circuits and devices.
  • Developing and implementing training programs in areas such as safety (DOT, HAZ-MAT, OSHA and environmental regulations) telephone etiquette, computer skills.
  • Oversight of budgeting for; general expenses, store equipment, delivery vehicles, advertising (yellow pages/trade magazines) telephone and data services.
  • Assist in maintaining vendor relationships, major contract negotiations and purchasing.
  • Business Investment Programs (analysis of key financial indicators).
  • Design and implementation of EDI and Bar Code systems including programs with live web interface.
  • Direction and oversight of all internal software development. Including internal small form/report development,
  • (MS-Excel®, MS-Word®, Progress RDBS® and Adobe Acrobat®) as well as more advanced outside services through third parties (EDI, and Web based interfaces)


  • Select Jobbers (PBE Distributors) join with the Lean Materials Management Team to work with local customers. These jobber receive training and have access to regional and national data, trends and analysis.
  • Lean Material Management systems and reports work across all major brands of automotive paint Including PPG, DuPont™, Axalta, BASF, Sherwin Williams®, Transtar®.
  • The Lean Materials Management Tools and reports are formatted to work with data from most all distributor software programs, including: ComCept, Progress, WDS-II, QB etc.
  • To avoid potential conflicts with contractual relationships, we provide interested parties with local associates after they have contacted us. We may ask for the name of your local supplier, your current paint line and whether the shop is under any supply contract, for the purpose of avoiding any conflicts with existing clients.
  • Our associates may have exclusive defined territories.
Our Training Sources
I-CAR New Horizons Learning Tree  
DuPont (now Axalta), BASF, PPG Microsoft A.M.I.  
3M UCLA PCL Services  
Department of Water & Power J.J. Keller Progress  
L.A.F.D. Red Cross CSUN  
Glendale Community College E.P.A. Hard Knocks  


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