Lean Material Management


  Turning Data into Information

Because you can't manage what you don't measure!


Lean Material Management for the Auto Body Industry

Lean Material Management

Tools for Auto Body Shops and PBE Distributors . . .  turning data into information.

What makes our Lean Material Management the best choice for jobbers and shops?

"Shops are looking for more from the jobber than just a quality paint product. That means in order to be successful, the jobber now must become extremely knowledgeable about collision repair - the repair process itself, insurance company relations, customer satisfaction, quality control, SOPs, KPIs and Lean Material Management."

  • First what we don't do!

    • We do not compare material performance between jobbers.

    • We do not compare material performance between paint lines or brands.

    • We never share pricing or discount information.  Even shops receiving our reports are referred back to their local jobber or distributor with and questions about specific part #s or pricing.

    • We do not share any data with any one outside the clients selected group.  (Typically reports are shared with the jobber and the shops so that they can work as a team to make improvements in material performance.

  • We work exclusively with select exclusive jobbers.

    • By providing an exclusive territory, our jobber clients can bring unique fresh perspective to their shop clients. Being exclusive enables the jobber to use our reports and programs to best aide their shop clients, without fear of LM2 becoming just another "also-ran" program or product!

    • The value of Lean processes is already a proven component of many shops success and improvements. We help the jobber establish their place in the Lean Team!

    • Jobbers have a clear choice when it comes to helping to manage their customers paint & materials, be part of the solution, or wait for a competitor to step up and take that role!

    • We believe that no one is in a better position to work with shops to achieve a Leaner and Greener paint shop than the jobber.

  • We are not affiliated with any paint company or other manufacturer.

    • We have no agenda to sell or justify the sale of products through our reports.

    • Other programs developed by manufacturers, may not be solely focused managing P&M costs for the shops.

    • We offer real world solutions, working with jobbers and shops from across the country. We have tried and proven reports and tools.

  • Our goal is to establish a firm link in the value chain for jobbers to assist their shop clients.

    • Our jobbers can bring their shop clients reports and tools that help shops bring Lean principals into the paint shop with improved P&M margins as well as labor efficiencies.

    • While several companies bring Lean processes to the shops, they leave the jobber out of the value stream. This is a great disservice to both the shop and the jobber! No one is closer to paint and materials usage and management, than the jobber.  No one can team up with shop personnel day in and day out to manage materials more than the jobber!

  • We use only 5 inputs for most of our reports. (more advanced reports may require additional inputs)

  • We maintain a Mutual non-disclosure agreement with our jobber clients.

    • We have active NDAs with jobbers across the country, your data is safe with us.

  • We Work with data from the jobbers reporting system. (Comcept, Perfection, Pangaea, QB etc.)

    • Having data and running reports for jobbers and their shop clients across the country we have developed part number data bases and systems that enable us to work with multiple data sources.

    • We have the ability to create tools to work with other jobber distribution or business systems.

    • Working with data in bulk allows us to maintain a great price point and value to our clients.

  • Our reports break Paint & Materials into manageable process oriented categories.

    • We break P&M costs into 8 or 9 categories (depending on the shops accounting needs)

    • We provide up to 11 non-CGS categories to capture products sold to the shop which are not or should not be part of P&M costs. These include, shop maintenance supplies, tools, equipment, office expense, etc.

    • We can help provide a complete accounting for the shops breaking their jobber bill or statement into up to 20 separate categories or account codes. 

Our foundation is built on six steps where the jobber and the shop can team up to achieve improved material performance. For more detail click here

  1. Create, implement and manage S.O.P. or specific guidelines for repair procedures.

  2. Create and maintain an authorized list of repair materials.

  3. Get involvement from management. You can't skimp or fall short with this and maintain success for an extended period.

  4. Train and involve all employees in the process. Get feedback and listen.

  5. Measure and share results. Keep people informed, it keeps the program going.

  6. Repeat!

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